We in Salzarra love fairytales. But this is known by everybody who has touched to our fairytale at least once. And most of all, we love real stories that look like fairytale. And we would like to share such a story, created by a small girl with incredible talent, big dreams and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Zheni Krincheva comes from Sofia, she is 7 years-old and is devoted to music. She plays piano and guitar and is part of the Children's vocal and theatrical studio "Monsters", headed by Dimitar Kostantsaliev. The good fairy for Zheni, in fact is a good magician – the composer Shterion Pilidov, who found her for singing and writes author's songs for her. This is how her fairytale started because with these songs, Zheni succeeded in winning prize places in almost all musical competitions for children and thanks to her performance of the song "Moth" – text by Victor Samuilov, music and arrangement by Shterion Pilidov, she won first place of the European festival of children's song "Golden Spark" 2016.

Zheni is really one small "monster" – with mischievous eyes and charming smile. She loves mountains and sea, skiing and swimming and any type of games. She feels happy when she sings and this can be seen in her performances, full of temper and artistry. And on top of that, Zheni is a girl with taste of fashion, with original, irregular and joyful style which wonderfully complements the texts of her songs. And how we know that? Well, this small lady, with an eye of a connoisseur, on several occasions, choses Salzarra models, which seem like been created especially for her – playful and joyful. And we believe that our outfits will help Zheni feel in a fairytale, that they will make her happy in order she to be able to give joy to all the people around her.