One of the important things which you should consider when buying garments for you child is the fabric they are made of. The following indicators are also quite important: how the fabric is treated, what and how strong are the sews of the garment, how the lining is attached and are the pockets and their seams edged well? The buttons and zippers used for the production of the garment for your little treasure are of equal importance. The price is not always the determining factor for the quality of the garment itself but the chance to acquire a product with proven quality is higher with clothes of more expensive brands.

The fabrics are divided in several types: natural with vegetable origin, natural with animal origin, man-made and synthetic. Among the fabrics with natural origin, the most popular, of course, is The cotton which is most commonly used in the production of baby and kids clothing. For the cotton you should know it is a highly absorbent material, it is prone to creases, but also is easy to be ironed. Among the cotton’s disadvantages is the fact that when washed, it shrinks and looses its shape.

The linen is also among the most popular natural fabrics used for the production of baby and kids clothing with high quality. The linen is more strong than the cotton and among its widely known qualities are its capability to maintain cool feeling during the summer and its lightness. The linen is one of the fabrics that is strongly recommended for the summer clothes of your child. One of the linen disadvantages is that is not sufficiently absorbent and is not very elastic, but due to the above, it does not sustain spots and is easy to be ironed.
In our next article we are going to discuss in more details the qualities of the other natural, man-made and synthetic fabrics and their application in the kids fashion!