Delivery & Returns

Courier service companies of SALZARRA.COM is UPS.

The seller is obliged to deliver the ordered and purchased goods to the address specified by the User only by the above-stated courier companies. The User is obliged to provide access and opportunity to receive the order.
The ordered goods are delivered in appropriate packaging according to its kind and by the transport used for delivery. If the User is not found within the time for shipment on the specified address or if no access and conditions for delivery of the goods within this period are provided, the order is considered invalid and the Seller shall be released from the obligation to implement the stated delivery.
If the User confirms their desire to receive the ordered goods after the deadline for delivery, when the User was not found at the address, the User shall bear all the costs of the additional delivery. The cost of the second delivery will be paid upon receipt of goods.
If a third party is committed to receive the ordered goods on behalf of the User, that person shall not have the right to return the goods or to make objections on delivery.


(up to 1 kg) 2 (two) to 10 (ten) working days

Andorra – 29.50€
Austria – 23.50€
Belgium – 24.50€
Channel Islands (Guernsey) – 29.50€
Channel Islands (Jersey) – 29.50€
Czech Republic – 23.50€
Denmark – 24.50€
England – 24.50€
Estonia – 24.50€
Finland – 24.50€
France – 24.50€
Germany – 23.50€
Greece – 6,99€
Holland (The Netherlands) – 24.50€
Hungary – 23.50€
Ireland, Republic of – 24.50€
Italy – 23.50€
Latvia – 24.50€
Liechtenstein – 29.50€
Lithuania – 24.50€
Luxembourg – 24.50€
Monaco – 24.50€
Northern Ireland- 24.50€
Norway – 29.50€
Poland – 23.50€
Portugal – 24.50€
Romania – 6,99€
San Marino – 29.50€
Scotland – 24.50€
Slovak Republic – 23.50€
Slovenia – 23.50€
Spain – 24.50€
Sweden – 23.50€
Switzerland – 29.50€
Wales – 24.50€


The user can make a claim upon receipt of goods in the following cases:
– If a damage has occurred in the ordered product during transportation.
– If the goods delivered does not meet the criteria indicated by the Seller – size, colour and material of which it is produced.

At the request of the Buyer to return the product purchased, SALZARRA.COM will reimburse the User the money paid by the User within 30 /thirty/ days from the date of reception of a notification by the User, that the User waives the purchased product. The amount will be refunded as follows, without causing any additional cost to the User:

– Payments made by debit or credit card – by refunding to the account from which the payment was made;
– Payment by PAYPAL – by refunding on your PAYPAL account.

In case of a delivered purchase, the User can make a claim and to ask for its return and refunding of the amount paid by the User, if:

– The goods have a complete mismatch or some defects that could not be identified at first glance.
– After using the product has a substantial defect that makes it impossible to use. Claims can be made within 24 hours of delivery.

SALZARRA.COM shall refund in full the amount purchased by you, within 30 days starting from the day on which the user has stated their claim. Expenses for delivery and bank operations shall remain on the account of Buyer.
The expenses related to return of the purchase are also on the account of the Buyer.

In all variants for claims of products, the products must be returned in good commercial appearance, with their original packaging and documents for payment. The goods will be fully checked for reasonableness of the claim and SALZARRA.COM reserves the right to refuse to refund the amount paid for the goods. On purchases returned with missing or damaged packaging, missing labels etc., SALZARRA.COM reserves the right not to refund the amount paid or to restore it in part depending on changes in the product.

Upon request by the Customer to replace an item purchased from SALZARRA.COM, with an item of a different size or other goods / commodities, this item shall be sent by courier on the following address: 26 Vardar Str, fl. 5, Office – 2, Burgas 8000, Bulgaria for the account of the customer, only in case that the product is not used, packaging and payment documents are reserved. The replaced size of a purchased item is respectively sent back to the Customer at the indicated address for delivery, at the Customer’s expense.

To make a claim or replacement, first you must fill in the following information an to send these data on the following address:

1. Names given
2. Number of bill of lading, by which the shipment was received
3. E-mail address
4. Telephone number
5. Address
6. Town/City
7. Type of replacement: D
8. Please describe how you would like to return the goods.
9. Please, add the link from our site of the goods you are returning.
10. Please, describe the reason for returning the goods.
11. Please, described the goods defect.
12. Please, add the link from our site of the goods you would like to receive in exchange – size and all details (if you’d like to replace the goods)