The SPRING-SUMMER COLLECTION 2016 was especially planned and designed to tell a fairytale – a fairytale about how each small girl can become a real princess. So we wanted to choose a location that has the fairy atmosphere, is touched by the aroma of sea, romance and exotics. And we found that location in INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites in “Golden sands” complex.

You can imagine how a photo shooting session goes, where the main characterless are about twentybeautiful, charming, sweet and naughty kids, aged between one and ten years. Each idea about peace and quietness should be cast away and completely forgotten. But our great hosts were not scared by the attack of the overexcited children and their parents who were also full of enthusiasm. We were welcomed by our kind hosts and were were taken to the gorgeous Skyfall Infinity Рool Bar & Food where our small models felt like in a fairytale. The view to the sea is breathtaking and the area itself is organized in such a way that it is cozy, romantic, exotic and inviting.

Of course, in our case, were we thinking of no rest, because, first, we had to catch the kids that wanted immediately to jump in the infinite pool. The mothers were enviously looking at the soft and comfortable lounge chairs which they had the chance to lie in at the end of this joyful day.

Of course, we had some small incidents, related to crying, stubbornness, some caprice and plenty of chasing around the palms and the pool. In the beginning, we had difficulties in convincing some of the beautiful small ladies to put on the dresses prepared for them. But at the end, it was even harder to make them take the dresses off. It was a wonderful experience for the children and the mothers who saw how their sweet-hearts turned from bare-footed naughties into gorgeous creaturesdressed in lace, tulle and chiffon, with beautiful tiarasribbons and flowers in the hair.

The charming beauties walked around the pool, sat in style and elegance in the white lounge-chairs and in the next moment, they were turning in monkeys, trying to climb the palms.

And it was happening over and over again, almost till sunset. At the end of this emotional day, our heroes were tired but full of good mood and wonderful impressions. Negotiations were taking place, different plots were presented, all related to the wish to return to the wonderful Skyfall Infinity Рool Bar & Food but without photo-shooting and with no kids. And the mothers and the organizers were ready, right away, to take advantage of the SPA center of hotel International. For sure, some other time…

Be welcome to Bulgaria in INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites in “Golden sands” complex and take advantage of the irresistible SPA procedurescasinoopen infinite pool and bar A-la-cart restaurant Steak House – professional service, elegant cuisine, exotic cocktails…