Do you believe in fairy-tales? Nobody is so old as to give away the opportunity to become, even for a short period of time, part of the fairy world that was created by his/her imagination as a child. And do you want to give your children a day full of compelling magic of the fairy world, where beautiful princesses are waiting for their princes in the highest towers and where the princes must complete various achievements so as at the end, the Good to win.

We, from Salzarra lived our fairy adventure last summer in the Castle “In love with the wind” inRavadinovo in Bulgaria. Here, at 2 kilometers away from Sozopol, one man has fulfilled his childhood dream by building the only castle from the Middle-ages in Bulgaria and this castle resebles the castles from the fairy-tales of Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm. 20,000 tons of stones, manually dug from Strandja mountain, are used for this unique construction. Maybe this is the reason why the castle changes its color – in the morning, during the sunrise, it is shining in pink hue, during the day, it is bright white and during the nights of full moon, it is surrounded in silver star shine.

The time just stops in that castle. We touched this world of fantasies and dreams last summer while we made one of our photo shootings. We wanted our little model to feel like a real princess. And it was absolutely achievable. In the beautiful garden, where peacocks are having free walks, among the various flowers and wonderful sculptures, bridges and staircases it is very easy to feel like Alice in wonderland, to see how Rapunzel is lowering her long plait from the top the high ivied tower, or to imagine how Cinderella is getting ready for the ball. And next to the lake, you can watch the wonderful swan dance of the white and black swans, which are not afraid to get close to you or you can sink in liliac dreamsAnd if you want a real adventure, you can climb the silver spiral of the stairs in the high towers, touching the skies.

Maybe you are going to hear different options about this unusual architectural creation that is unique for Bulgaria No matter what you hear, it is the best to see it for yourself.